Thursday, March 20, 2008


we do what is liked by the society,

we study what the society respects,

we wear what is socially accepted...

not only this.. we choose our life partners considering the norms of society..............!

we r loosing ourselves........

i m 21....n till now, never took the pain to know myself....n when i sometimes tried to pic it up with my friends....then they laughed it off.....

now when i m introspecting myself,m realising that i m completely lost.......

i have lost my mental peace,my likings ,my dislikes ,myself on the whole...just to be socially accepted...

the thing that has shocked me is that"who am i "in itself has become a question mark for me

i really had to strain my nerves and think aboutit.i mean i had to think hard to answer ..."who m i" ...isn't it strange?

n when i started answering this question i realised that i m meeting a whole new person...

a person who has been within me since 21 years ,since the day i was born is seeming soo unknown and new to me...!!

my desires my passions , my needs are so different from what i actually m.........


in me is scaring me

dunno where will this 'i' lead me to....??

or may be i never let it lead me.......may be i kill it...just to go on with the world......

all the wired questions are popping up in my mind

how do i satisfy this 'i'?

or should i even bother satisfying it?

coz i knw the road with 'i'will be really hard....but it'l be all mine ..........for myself....

but life is so,should i live it for the people who have given it all to me..............??????.

Friday, February 22, 2008


With a paper in my hand and pen in my mouth

I am sitting and wondering what all should i write about?

about the world,politics,relations or love?

or god who is there all above?

hmmm...yup!i know what i wanna write about....

it's 'ME' my aims n my life that is SO full of doubts!

to begin with,My dear friends....

i am a dreamer who wants to set the trends.

talking about my dreams and my life,well i have two sides:-

one is like any other girl's

a lover(beau),a baby....a simple life,

a nice job so that i can survive.

but then suddenly something in me gets up and clarifies....

that NOOOO.....I am not satisfied!

not that 9 to 9 job for me to accomplish

no shackles of relationships

a famous star for the world to know,

around the world i want to go!!

an adventurous life, around the world...

with animals,trees and playing with nature.

spending nights near the sea

admiring the natures beauty.

violins music all around

wow!!no tension of family waiting out!

hmmmmm...that's me 'the dreamer'

Once a friend of mine called me 'confused'!!

and i questioned him back"confused"??????

now i realize that he was right!

i don't know where i have to go...left or right?????

the thought process is still going on ......

when i am clear with myself....i shall revert back to you all!